Tips For Home Design Minimalist

26 June 2018

To give an accent to the contrast atmosphere of the room is white, it's time to bring a little nuance out into the room. Natural colors and plants will give a breathtaking view of the eye in a minimalist white room

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Sounds More Melodious While Singing In The Bathroom ?

23 June 2018

Nothing is more satisfying than singing wholeheartedly in the bathroom itself. Somehow, most people find their own 'comfort' and 'confidence' when singing in the bathroom. Want to mumble unclearly or sing a full album, our voices seem to sound much more melodic when bathing. Hence the term appears, anyone can be a bathroom singer

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Mirror Position In The Room

22 June 2018

Mirror is one way to outsmart the small space. By putting a mirror on the wall will create the illusion of a wide room. This is because the mirror reflects light and the surrounding environment. The use of more than one mirror can be a good thing for a small room

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Inspire White

18 May 2018

The bathroom with white shades is now becoming a trend. The white shades of the bathroom give the impression of elegance, bright, and clean. In addition, the combination of white color can have a powerful effect on the mind, eliminating visible and mental saturation, as well as providing room for relaxation. Starting from the tiles, bathroom fixtures, dressers to accessories, a room filled with white will give the impression of comfortable, quiet...

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