About Germany Brilliant

Germany Brilliant (GB) Sanitaryware is a leading home appliances product that has stood for more than 14 years with the concept of modern lifestyle, in kitchen and bathroom in particular and home and building in general, Germany Brilliant realize the importance of value of comfort and security in every function on your kitchen and bathroom equipment, as well as the beauty value in product design that we create so it makes it different and more than usual

The products of the creation of Germany Brilliant in the form of, Shower, Faucet, Washbasin, Accessories, Sink, Toilet, Urinal, Door Hardware, and other products with selection of basic materials such as brass, stainless steel 304, tempered glass and other best materials that can be used in long. Product Germany Brilliant guaranteed 5 to 25 years

Germany Brilliant also always try to analyze the problems that happened in kitchen and your bathroom and home in general to create product innovation that can answer the needs of your home, Optimal Function, Modern Design, improve your home life style, is our focus in innovate to Placing satisfaction society as a top priority and also Creating an impression more than usual

The expectations and objectives of Brilliant Germany are to be Beneficial for the community, able to play an active role in the development of quality, strive to provide the best service by maintaining the value of quality, innovation, optimal function in each product, Gives a touch of modern lifestyle to homes, apartments, hotels and Your building and also produce human resources that develop, have a sense of togetherness, responsibility, creative, professional, innovative in order to achieve the expectations and goals of all parties