About GB

GB (Germany Brilliant) Sanitaryware is a superior home furnishings product that was founded in 2003 by promoting the concept of a modern lifestyle. In kitchens and bathrooms in particular and homes and buildings in general, GB realizes the importance of comfort and safety in every function of your kitchen and bathroom equipment, as well as the value of beauty in the design of products that we create that make it different and more than usual.

GB (Germany Brilliant) also always tries to analyze the problems that occur in your kitchen and bathroom and home in general to create product innovations that can answer the needs of your home. Function Optimization, Modern Design, improve your home lifestyle, is our focus in innovating to place community satisfaction as the top priority and also create an impression that is more than usual.

Creating a vibrant and abundant lifestyle through the provision of sanitary and kitchen facilities, by integrating the design and optimization of product functions that benefit people around the world.

- Being a leading provider of sanitary and kitchen equipment in product innovation by promoting quality and brilliant design
- Become a winning team that successfully achieves common goals through brilliant ideas by involving heart and passion in running the company's culture
- Touch and serve customers with heart and passion so that they are able to appreciate bright ideas and enjoy lifestyle through the beauty of design and comfort of product functions
- Establish partnerships that support and benefit each other throughout the world


1. Integrity

  • Honest and caring
  • Take responsibility for what is done
  • Keep company secrets

2. Teamwork

  • Prioritizing shared interests
  • Cheerful, happy and communicative
  • Self-control, humility and mutual respect

3. Grow

  • Improvements and innovations in various fields
  • Continue to learn and develop themselves

4. Brilliant Service

  • Giving priority to quality and customer satisfaction
  • The spirit of heartfelt service

5. Balanced

  • Uphold morality, give thanks and pray
  • Balanced in career, health, and family

6. Efficient and effective

  • Optimizing time, effort and cost
  • Work smart, fast, alert and proactive

7. Commitments

  • Keeping promises
  • Persistent in achieving the target

8. Solution

  • Focus on the best solution for each problem
  • Think positive, move positively and produce positive things