About GB

GB (Germany Brilliant) Sanitaryware is a leading home appliances product that has been established for more than 12 years by putting forward the concept of modern lifestyle. In kitchens and bathrooms in particular and homes and buildings in general, GB realizes the importance of comfort and safety values ‚Äč‚Äčin every function in your kitchen and bathroom equipment, as well as the value of beauty in the design of the products that we create so as to make it different and more than usual.

GB (Germany Brilliant) is also always trying to analyze the problems that occur in the kitchen and your bathroom and home in general to create product innovations that can answer the needs of your home. Function Optimization, Modern Design, improve your home lifestyle, is our focus in innovating to place community satisfaction as a top priority and also create more than usual impression.

Creating brilliant and abundant lifestyle through perlengkapaan sanitary and kitchen, with a unique blend of design and optimization of product functionality that is useful to communities around the world.

- Become a provider of sanitary fixtures and kitchen at the forefront of product innovation with an emphasis on quality and brilliant design
- Become a successful winning team reaching a common goal through brilliant ideas by engaging the heart and passion in running the company culture
- Touch and serve customers with heart and spirit so that they are able to appreciate the brilliant ideas as well as enjoy the lifestyle through the beauty of the design and comfort of the product function 
- Partnership of mutual support and benefit around the world 

1. Integrity
    a. Honest and caring
    b. be responsible for what is done
    c. Keep company secrets
2. Teamwork
    with shared interests.
    b. the upbeat, joyful and communicative
    c. self-control, humble and appreciative of each other 
3. Grow
    a. improvements to and innovations in various fields 
    b. continue to learn and develop themselves
4. Brilliant Service
    a. giving priority to quality and customer satisfaction
    b. the spirit of wholehearted service
5. Well balanced
    a. Uphold morality, give thanks and pray 
    b. balance career, family and health
6. Efficient and effective
    a. to optimize time, energy and costs
    b. working smart, quick, Spry and proactive
7. commitment
    a. keeping our promise
    b. Persistent in achieving targets
8. The solution 
    a. focus on the best solution to every problem
    b. positive thinking, stepping with positive and produce things a positive