GB for Mushola Al-Barkah Babelan Bekasi

28 May 2021

This time GB did CSR at the Al-Barkah Babelan Mosque in Bekasi. On this occasion, GB helped the prayer room by renovating the bathroom & ablution area and painting the walls of the mosque. Change of Closet, Door, and Wudhu Faucet to make it more comfortable when used by all visitors to the prayer room.

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GB for the Kasih Harapan Orphanage in Semarang

24 April 2021

Friday, April 16, 2020, GB visited the Kasih Harapan Orphanage in Semarang. The Harapan Orphanage which is managed by Mr. Deny and his friends currently accommodates about 40 children ranging from 6-12 years old. The reason Pak Deny built the Kasih Harapan Orphanage is because of God's call. Apart from managing the Kasih Harapan Orphanage, Mr. Deny, he also helps other orphanages for paperwork and other needs.

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GB for Mentari Hati Foundation in Tasikmalaya

19 September 2020

Friday, September 11, 2020 GB visited the Mentari Hati Foundation in Tasikmalaya. The Mentari Hati Foundation is a rehabilitation center for abandoned ODGJ (People With Mental Disorders). It was founded in 2007 with approximately 200 people with ODGJ until now. At the Suntari Hati Foundation, ODGJs are guided to have expertise in raising livestock and farming.

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GB Sanitaryware Amazed and Supported the Medical and Non-Medical Team Combating covid-19

15 May 2020

GB Sanitaryware has a routine agenda related to Social Services. Especially at this time, where the condition is being hit by Pandemic, GB Sanitaryware is taking concrete steps to support the Medical and Non-Medical teams to continue their enthusiasm to fight COVID-19 at the Covid-19 Emergency Management Hospital at Wisma Athlete at Kemayoran.

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