History about GB

GB Sanitaryware was founded in 2003, starting from a creative idea to create Bathroom and Kitchen equipment in particular as well as Homes in general. GB also has the aim to provide benefits to the community by becoming a solution to problems in Bathrooms and Kitchens and Homes with a touch of style modern life.

The beginning of the development of GB began with a unique design on the Faucet, the Shower was square and minimalist in shape but along with the development there were also classic types. Currently, GB provides a lot of model variants for Faucet, Showers, Sinks, Accessories, Wastafel, Closet, Floor Drain up to thousands of types that are spread throughout Indonesia with a warranty of 5 to 25 years.

With passion and aspirations and the Motto of Upgrade Your Home Lifestyle, GB strives to make the lifestyle of homes around the world different and more than usual.