How to Decorate a Narrow Bathroom

29 September 2020

A house certainly has room to accommodate the needs of its residents, one of which is a bathroom for cleaning and defecating. The bathroom is an important room that must be in a house. Imagine, what if the house does not have a bathroom. Currently, there are many bathroom models to choose from. Besides having to be clean, the bathroom design can also create a comfortable and calming atmosphere for the owner. However, the narrow space problem s...

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Healthy Living Starts From a Clean Home

25 September 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the whole world, including Indonesia. Health protocols are enforced to avoid the coronavirus, such as wearing a mask when forced to leave the house, bringing and using hand sanitizers, and diligently washing hands. A clean and healthy lifestyle is applied so that the virus does not attack. Healthy living can actually be started from home. Who doesn't like having a clean and tidy house? However, of course,...

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Safe Online Shopping Tips for Bathroom Furniture

21 September 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed changed the way we do our activities. From conventional to virtual. This is inseparable from the rapid technological advances that facilitate our activities, one of which is shopping. With the touch of a finger, the desired item will be immediately delivered to your home. Not only clothes and cosmetics, shopping for home furnishings such as bathroom furniture online also requires detailed attention. Don't m...

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17 September 2020

The kitchen is one of the most essential parts of the house but it is not given enough attention. A kitchen is a place where "fuel" is processed to become energy for humans to do activities. Unfortunately, the kitchen is often neglected and not cared for properly, even tends to be cramped. In fact, the kitchen can be tricked to make it look wider. If designed properly, the function of the kitchen will increase. Not just a place for c...

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