Healthy Toilet Criteria

28 December 2019

World Toilet Day is celebrated every November 19, 2019. The day is celebrated for a campaign that can move the public about the importance of healthy toilets and safe sanitation. A clean and healthy living continues to be socialized in order to create a superior generation. Clean healthy base. The toilets that we visit every day at home, school, restaurants, and a number of other public places must always be cleaned. That way healthy toilets a...

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Brilliant tips for your bathroom

27 December 2019

Whatever the size of the bathroom space must be dealt with adequate bathroom equipment. The choice of colors, furniture, to decoration can affect the appearance of your bathroom. In this article will discuss brilliant tips to make the bathroom more enjoyable. Following is the full explanation: Choose a quality bathroom equipment product The quality that is owned by Germany Brilliant is the main ingredient of its products from brass. Ma...

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Hunting Exciting Bathroom Equipment in Germany Brilliant stores

26 December 2019

Germany Brilliant has been around since 2003. The company has become a superior bathroom equipment manufacturer with a choice of sanitary products such as shower, shower, sink, toilet, floor drain, and other bathroom accessories. Home decoration in the next year. Some of the advantages of bathroom equipment production Germany Brilliant, namely: Product innovation has technology The value of safety and comfort in the bathroom makes G...

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Smart Toilet for the Elderly and Children

25 December 2019

The Sandwich Generation is a new designation for those who have a financial burden in taking care of parents or other family members while raising their biological children. Like a 'sandwich' bread as if this generation was crushed by these demands. Of course, many things to consider if you are part of the sandwich generation. One that can be a priority is to meet the needs of household equipment, especially for bathrooms. This should...

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