Sanitary Products from Germany Brilliant that Make Homes More Healthy

14 September 2019

Build houses stairs into dreams goal for Blogger Exist that was memantaskan themselves. A lot of things that have to be prepared because it will be there two sides were to meet and stay in one roof forever until death separates. I was a figure who always thi...

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Tips for Choosing Bathroom Equipment

08 August 2019

Home is a place where we all start to find inspiration and where we rest after all the steps of our activities are stopped, bathroom is one of the rooms supporting the daily activities that are needed, all of us definitely want the best bathrooms. Here are some tips for choosing bathroom equipment that we need to know before we decide to buy for new home or renovation. Warranty Some brands of bathroom equipment today have provided warr...

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Healthy and Refreshing Bathroom

24 June 2019

When you're at home, after a day in the office or after a variety of other outdoor activities, the first thing to think about is to immediately clean, bathe, or maybe even soak in the warm water bath inside the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the important rooms in the house that get maximum attention. The selection of bathroom designs such as lighting, color, floor, layout and others can have a positive impact on our health. Shower...

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Insect-free bathrooms, Clogged, and the Smell

25 April 2019

A clean bathroom is the dream of all of us, although it has often been the bathroom cleaned with any type of liquid cleanser, but problems in the bathroom sometimes still found. Some of the obstacles encountered, among others, such as insects that rise from the sewer, drains are clogged, the smell of the sewer board. All of these are sourced from the exhaust air filter selection (floordrain) are less precise. Various kinds of floordrain can be...

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