01 April 2020

Every house, apartment, hotel, and also your building usually (surely) has a bathroom, most bathrooms today are using shower sets with minimalist or classic designs. The price offered also varies, from showers ranging from hundreds of thousands of rupiah to hundreds of millions of rupiah, this time GB (Germany Brilliant) Sanitaryware wants to share tips on how to take care of a shower so that it still functions optimally and still looks sleek....

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Minimalist Bathroom Concept

31 January 2020

The size of a small bathroom sometimes feels boring. Comfort begins to interfere and we must get a new concept for a minimalist bathroom. Either by changing the floor or new bathroom equipment. The following bathroom concept can be applied so that positive energy always radiates in a minimalist bathroom. Creative with lights and colors Minimalist bathroom lighting can be helped by utilizing natural light from the window. Install curtai...

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Exclusive Hotels with Innovative Germany Brilliant Products

30 January 2020

Germany Brilliant Sanitaryware was founded in 2003. This kitchen and bathroom equipment manufacturer is present as a solution to meet the needs of today's life. Through the tagline Upgrade Your Home Lifestyle, Germany Brilliant offers a lifestyle for the kitchen and bathroom concept that is different from usual. Not only reaching consumers from households, but Germany Brilliant products have also been used for several hotels in Indonesia....

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Anti-Flood Floor Drain with the Latest Technology

29 January 2020

Floods that hit the beginning of 2020 spread throughout Indonesia. High rainfall makes water reservoirs unable to accommodate so much water discharge. This disaster certainly makes us aware that maintaining environmental cleanliness, especially dwellings must be carried out regularly. Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is sometimes filled with water first. The flood came from an open floor drain because the drainage channel was unable...

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