Get to know the different types of bathroom sinks

27 October 2020

One of the cleaning tools that are almost always in every home is a sink. Generally, there are sinks in the bathroom, some are placed outside or separate from the bathroom. The sink consists of a sink (sink) and a water tap and usually has a mirror above it as well. Even though it looks small, it turns out that the sink has an essential role. The function of the sink is very practical, such as for washing hands, brushing teeth, washing your fa...

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Comfortable and clean, this modern minimalist bathroom design can be an option

21 October 2020

A dwelling, be it a house or an apartment, certainly has a bathroom. Even though the area is limited and has little space, the bathroom always plays an important role. Besides being used for cleaning yourself, a bathroom is also a place for relaxation. Because it is an essential space, the bathroom requires a comfortable, clean and stuffy-proof design. One design that can be applied is a modern minimalist bathroom, a combination of concepts th...

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Building a Bathroom in the Bedroom, Why Not?

13 October 2020

In this modern era, the bathroom or toilet in the bedroom is increasingly being demanded. According to a survey conducted some time ago, homeowners' interest in having a bathroom in the bedroom ranges from 80-85%. Convenience, practicality, and convenience are some of the factors that influence it. According to feng shui or the science of house and building planning, bathrooms are loaded with Yin energy, so they should be placed in a &quot...

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5 Advantages of Dry Bathrooms

10 October 2020

Bathrooms in Indonesia are generally the type of wet bathroom, especially those that are still traditional using a bathtub and squat toilet. A wet bathroom is also synonymous with muddy and humid conditions due to frequent splashes of water. Along with the times, the bathroom is now made "as dry" as possible using a dry floor. The dry bathroom places the shower or bathtub in its own area or it is called a wet area where the splashes...

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