Beautiful Bathroom Magic Ideas Using All-Black Materials

18 March 2023

Currently, every room in the house can be used as a showcase, not only for the convenience of residents, but also for guests and relatives who hang out in our homes. The kitchen, for example, is no longer an area for preparing food but also a fun spot to mingle at home while preparing various snacks together. For this reason, it is very important to pay attention to every detail, including the layout of the room, the use of colors, the choice...

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Make a Sophisticated Bathroom Minimal 'Push-Push', Here's How

11 March 2023

Technological sophistication also has a big impact on the use of sanitary devices in the bathroom. Cleaning things that seem taboo and dirty can be done more easily, sophisticatedly, modernly, and most importantly hygienically, especially for toilets or closets. Home closets that are currently in use are generally in squat and sitting models. By embedding high-tech features for sitting closets, this device has several advantages that make urin...

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Don't take it for granted, these colorful little objects have a big function in the bathroom

04 March 2023

The bathroom is one room that has an important function in the house. The bathroom is not just a place for bathing but also for ensuring the hygiene of all occupants of the house, especially after the last few years we have been living with the Covid-19 pandemic. A good and healthy bathroom must be ensured to have ventilation by getting sunlight circulation so that it is not damp and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. For this...

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These are the things you need to know about the open bathroom concept

29 September 2022

Open bathroom concept. That's the minimalist building architecture that is currently quite widespread and loved by a number of people. Especially those who come from the middle up. Of course, a bathroom with such a concept can reduce expenses. Both spending on handyman services to spending on physical elements to insulate the bathroom and bedroom. Architect Raul Renanda revealed that the concept of such a bathroom has been widely applied i...

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