Beautiful and Fresh, These Are Plants That Are Suitable For Bathrooms

30 April 2021

The trend of ornamental plants is currently being loved by many people. Beautifying the house with ornamental plants has become a lifestyle. Not only the yard, terrace or living room, ornamental plants can also decorate other rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms. Despite its small size, the bathroom also requires special treatment. In addition to aesthetics, doing special care in the bathroom is also important to maintain cleanliness and health...

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Keeping the Drains Smooth and Clogged Free

27 April 2021

Drains or drains have an important role in the cleanliness of the house. The sewer is generally divided into two parts. First, a channel for toilet waste. Second, channels for liquid waste such as water used for washing and bathing, which are channeled through the floor drain. Clogged or clogged drains can be a source of hygiene and health problems. An unpleasant odor arose because the bathroom and sink in the kitchen were filled with stagnant...

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Important, These are the 5 Principles of Bathroom Design

24 April 2021

The bathroom is a reflection of the personality of the owner. The bathroom design is certainly in accordance with the tastes and desires of the homeowner. Its function is not only as a place to clean yourself but also as a place for relaxation after undergoing routine and busy activities throughout the day. Many people think that a bathroom should be luxurious and spacious. In fact, you only need comfort and cleanliness as well as complete ess...

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Tips and Tricks to Build a Luxury Bathroom in a Hotel Style

20 April 2021

What do people like most when staying at a hotel? In addition to a comfortable bed, of course, a clean bathroom and toilet is a reason to feel at home for a long time in the hotel. Clean and comfortable hotel bathrooms are indeed the perfect place to clean yourself, relax, entertain and seek inspiration or new ideas. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to stay at the hotel just to enjoy the bathroom. Therefore, what if we maximize the appea...

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