Anti-Flood Floor Drain with the Latest Technology

29 January 2020

Floods that hit the beginning of 2020 spread throughout Indonesia. High rainfall makes water reservoirs unable to accommodate so much water discharge. This disaster certainly makes us aware that maintaining environmental cleanliness, especially dwellings must be carried out regularly.

Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is sometimes filled with water first. The flood came from an open floor drain because the drainage channel was unable to accommodate the overflow. The bathroom was starting to smell the unpleasant odor from the drain hole or often known as the floor drain.

So, we need an elegant floor drain. This floor drain must be anti-flood, leak-proof, odor-proof, and rust-proof. Only Germany Brilliant floor drain can handle flooding in the bathroom.

In terms of quality, Germany Brilliant floor drain has a magnetic valve technology system. The drain will open automatically when there is water pressure from above. Water will enter from the sides of the sides that have cavities.

Meanwhile, if there is water pressure from below like a flood or a rat attack, then this floor drain still closes underneath and water will not spill onto the bathroom floor. Insects are also difficult to get out of the sewer. The inside of the floor drain has also been equipped with a filter to filter out impurities such as feathers or hair loss.

From a visual perspective, Germany Brilliant floor drain looks very attractive. Verisa Series types can be had with a choice of 6 colors (white, green, black, red, yellow, and purple). The color can be adjusted with the color of the bathroom floor.

The floor drain design made of stainless steel and ABS has a minimalist artwork concept. The shape of the lid is made with great precision. While the edges do not have sharp corners, the floor drain is not dangerous when installed.

This is Germany Brilliant's floor drain that survives the combination of fashion and function. The design proved to be very suitable to be installed for bathroom floors, either of ceramic or granite. While its function is successful, it has a fast drainage system and products that are easy to clean.

Quite often Germany Brilliant floor drain products are always the best seller in every sale at Mitra GB. Don't hesitate anymore because every floor drain purchase will get a warranty card. Overcome the flood with a choice of the high-tech floor drain. Upgrade Your Home Lifestyle.


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