Bathroom Decoration for Chinese New Year

23 January 2020

Today's bathroom is no longer a dream in 2020. Many bathroom concepts that offer an instagramable design. This is done because the bathroom is not just a place to clean themselves, the current generation uses the bathroom for selfies.

Since it's still in the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year, there are some unique inspirations that you can make for the bathroom. Starting from adding trinkets to giving a touch of Chinese New Year in several angles. The most important thing is that your bathroom must look different than usual. Come, see the steps:

  1. Stick the bathroom door with a picture of a mouse in accordance with this year's sign. You can print your own image with the design at will. For those who like to draw, maybe you can paint rats in front of your bathroom. If it feels difficult, just try buying some stickers that already represent the Lunar feel.
  2. Bathroom decor with the dragon, lion dance, or cherry blossom wallpapers. If your bathroom wall wants to change the atmosphere, you can also paint the walls red or gold. The red color is often referred to as a symbol of happiness and gold symbolizes the impression of luxury. By repainting, you can also make moist walls look cool again in the eyes.
  3. Adjust the lighting with red lanterns. Make sure the lighting is located in the corner of the room so that it remains elegant and does not cover the incoming light from the ventilation or window. If your bathroom does not have ventilation, immediately install the exhaust fan so that air circulation is maintained.
  4. Put some red and white candles in various sizes as decoration. If possible, choose candles that are included in the type of aromatherapy. There are no candles, flowers become. You can also choose decorations such as red flowers to put in the bathroom to feel nice. The simple, red elements can symbolize luck and prosperity.
  5. Make sure the bathroom atmosphere still seems modern and sophisticated with products from Germany Brilliant. Also add bathroom accessories such as soap, clothes hangers, towels that are red so that it is identical to the festive atmosphere of the other room in the house. If you apply it, it is guaranteed that you will feel at home while in the bathroom.

With 5 steps above decoration, the atmosphere of the lunar new year will feel peaceful. You will always feel comfortable when in the bathroom. Renovate your bathroom now to welcome the new year.


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