10 September 2023

When choosing household equipment, something that should not be underestimated is choosing a bathroom toilet. Just like other rooms, the bathroom is an area that needs to be made as comfortable as possible. One of them is using a quality toilet.

Currently, the choice of toilets is very varied. Starting from the shape to the features available. Even so, you need to buy one that suits the needs of family members. Here are some tips for choosing a German Brilliant bathroom toilet.

1. Find out the different types of toilets

As previously explained, there are currently very diverse types of toilets. So, you can choose according to your needs and comfort. Several types of toilets to choose from, namely:

  • One-piece closets

This is a type of toilet where the water tank is integrated into the toilet body, but still looks simple. Even though it is heavier and more expensive, this type of toilet has several advantages, such as being easy to install, not leaking easily, and being easy to clean.

  • Two-piece closets

This type is the opposite of the previous toilet, namely it has a separate tank at the back. The pipe part is hidden so it is neater and easier to clean.

  • Wall-hung closets

The characteristic of this type of toilet is that it is attached and hangs to the wall and the water tank is embedded in the wall. Hanging toilets are recommended for houses or apartments that are not too spacious or have a minimalist style.


2. Consider the shape and height of the toilet

To make it comfortable to use, we need to pay attention to its shape and height. Toilets that are slightly oval shaped are considered more comfortable than those with round seats. Apart from that, use a toilet that is not too high if you have small children at home, or a hanging toilet so that the height can be more easily adjusted to suit the comfort of family members at home.

3. Choose a toilet with the best features

The next tip is to choose a toilet that uses high technology features. For example, it has water saving features like the GB Sanitaryware toilet.

Sitting toilets are usually equipped with single flush or dual flush. Single flush only has 1 option if you want to rinse. When you press the single flush button, water will come out as much as the capacity of the tank. If you use dual flush, there are 2 options that can be adjusted to your needs so that you save more water.

4. Match the toilet model to the bathroom concept

If you want to carry a contemporary bathroom style, choose a wall-hung toilet, or it can be installed in the corner of the room. Apart from that, you should choose a toilet that has minimal curves in the body so that it is easy to clean all the way around.

5. Guarantee and SNI

Make sure the toilet you choose is a product with a guarantee. Because, this will make it easier for us to repair it if at any time there is damage or product defects. No less important, the selected toilet must meet Indonesian National Standards (SNI) to maintain user safety.




Written by: Nathasya Elvira

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