Brilliant tips for your bathroom

27 December 2019

Whatever the size of the bathroom space must be dealt with adequate bathroom equipment. The choice of colors, furniture, to decoration can affect the appearance of your bathroom. In this article will discuss brilliant tips to make the bathroom more enjoyable. Following is the full explanation:

  1. Choose a quality bathroom equipment product
    The quality that is owned by Germany Brilliant is the main ingredient of its products from brass. Material selection makes the product more durable. Example Shower made of brass which is certainly anti-rust. Shower Germany Brilliant has a 5-year guarantee.
  2. Pay attention to fashion and function
    Germany Brilliant does not only prioritize function, but also fashion that is seen from classy modern designs. As in the variety of appropriate design shower products. The thing that makes it different from other products is a shower equipped with a water tap for ablution. Cool!
  3. Adjust the interior concept of your bathroom
    The touch of color on the product gives its own style. Usually, bathroom fixtures are only dominated by black and white, then Germany Brilliant has the courage to play with colors. This producer became the first company to carry the "color for modern bathroom". All that will make you not bored and the bathroom atmosphere becomes not monotonous.
  4. Make your bathroom equipment completely up to date
    Products called present must carry technology. For example, a smart closet. This type of toilet seat can open and close the seat cover automatically. All can be driven with a remote.
    To make it more contemporary, your bathroom floor can also be installed with a floor drain. This breakthrough product is called a smart drain. The concept carries a magnetic valve technology system that makes the bathroom floor free of insects and does not smell. Another advantage of floor drain products is basic materials such as brass, stainless steel, and ABS.

So you can be sure of the 4 tips above, you also have to understand that the warranty for Germany Brilliant products is between 5 to 25 years depending on the type of product chosen. Germany Brilliant products are also easy to find from Aceh to Papua. These products have been sold at Germany Brilliant partners and various building material exhibitions or home decor events. This product is indeed premium in its class, but believe that the price is comparable to the quality of the product offered.

Hopefully useful brilliant tips above!


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