Don't take it for granted, these colorful little objects have a big function in the bathroom

04 March 2023

The bathroom is one room that has an important function in the house. The bathroom is not just a place for bathing but also for ensuring the hygiene of all occupants of the house, especially after the last few years we have been living with the Covid-19 pandemic.

A good and healthy bathroom must be ensured to have ventilation by getting sunlight circulation so that it is not damp and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. For this reason, it is important to apply the area, facing direction, to the use of various sanitary products.

According to Sheilla, SPV Germany Brilliant (GB) Sanitaryware, one device with an important function in the bathroom is a floor drain or floor drain to drain water from activities in the bathroom into the drain as well as a filter.

“GB provides a floor drain with a magnetic valve technology system that opens when water flows and closes when water stops flowing. With this innovation, we can eliminate obstacles that have occurred, such as odors from inside the canal rising to the top and insects, that's why this product is also known as Smart Drain," he explained.

Quoting, GB Smart Drain can be a solution for bathrooms and is available with several material choices to rich colors to optimize function, irrigation system, layout, and aesthetics. GB has three basic materials for this product, namely ABS, Stainless and Brass (brass) materials, all of which have applied magnetic technology for long-term use.

So far, there has been a problem in the bathroom with steam rising from the channel so that even though the bathroom is clean, the smell from the bottom still persists. Likewise with small animals and insects that can climb to the top and the use of Smart Drain is a comprehensive solution for bathroom problems so far

Another innovation is the use of floor drain to optimize in terms of fashion or appearance so that our bathrooms are not boring. GB presents floor drain products that have colors to carry the theme Color your bathroom. This colorful floor drain product can be combined with other products such as soap holders, faucets, towel rails, and others to make it more eye-catching and matching.

There are six color choices to make the various devices in the bathroom match, the functions are different but in terms of color it can be one tone which gives its own beauty to the space and function of the bathroom. GB also provides up to five years warranty on its Smart Drain products. Color choices and other advantages can be seen on Instagram @gbsanitary1.

"We continue to innovate to present household products, especially by promoting the concept of a modern lifestyle with a focus on comfort, safety and the best design. Optimizing functions by applying modern designs will certainly provide satisfaction for the whole family. For other information, you can contact WA 0812-1788-899," concluded Sheilla.

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