Easy Ways to Install a Bathroom Shower

09 January 2022

Currently, bathroom showers are increasingly being used, especially for homes with minimalist and modern concepts. The comfort factor when being used for bathing makes it better than a dipper and a bathtub.

The reason why showers are often used to replace bathtubs and dippers is that showers can save excessive water usage. In addition, the shape is also simple but contemporary so that it becomes the main attraction to add to the aesthetic impression of the bathroom.

What's more, at this time the process of installing a shower in the bathroom can be done yourself so that it can save costs for calling a handyman. However, this does not mean that the shower installation process can be done carelessly.

Therefore, for those who want to install a shower in the bathroom, it is important to know what the procedure or steps are. This time Germany Brilliant will explain in full about how to install a bathroom shower.

1. The first step we have to prepare the pipe as a waterway. If the bathroom has a water heater or water heater, a special pipe for hot water output must be prepared. Meanwhile, for cold water, just use a PVC pipe.

2. After the pipe as the bathroom water installation is ready, don't forget to prepare a special faucet for hot and cold water. Why should it be distinguished? So that later if one faucet is damaged, the other faucet can still function.

3. Next, install two stops of hot and cold water taps. In addition, use a metal faucet for hot water, while for cold water you can use a plastic faucet. If using a faucet from the same material, you should choose metal or aluminum.

4. Prepare equipment such as a flexible pipe measuring 25-30 cm, a steel T pipe measuring 12 inches with a nipple at the end, seal tape and a wrench and wrench.

5. The next step, turn off the water source first using a stop faucet. After that, install the seal tape on each thread or groove of the faucet screw. Continue by installing the cold and hot faucet stops on the socket.

6. Install a metal or iron T pipe on one of the faucet stops. Make sure the installation of the T pipe on the faucet stop is tight and does not leak or seep.

7. Connect the flexible pipe to the end of the faucet stop and tighten the nipple using a wrench. Make sure the connection is not loose so that water does not seep or leak.

8. The last step, attach the shower hose and the end of the shower and attach the shower hanger to the bathroom wall. If you have reached this stage, then the bathroom shower is ready to use either with hot or cold water.

After knowing how to easily install a bathroom shower, we add some tips when installing a shower in the bathroom.

- Do not use the built in shower if you are looking for a flexible shower, just use a hand shower.

- Install a bulkhead or barrier for the bathroom area so that the water does not splash into all corners of the bathroom.

- Make sure the floor drain is not clogged so that it doesn't pool under the shower.

- Choose a shower with adjustable water spray.

- If you are looking for the best shower, choose a shower product from Germany Brilliant which comes with various types, sizes and features that can be tailored to your needs. With the "when fashion meets function" philosophy, you will get the shower you need for your bathroom.

Good luck and hopefully useful.

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