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30 January 2020

Germany Brilliant Sanitaryware was founded in 2003. This kitchen and bathroom equipment manufacturer is present as a solution to meet the needs of today's life. Through the tagline Upgrade Your Home Lifestyle, Germany Brilliant offers a lifestyle for the kitchen and bathroom concept that is different from usual.

Not only reaching consumers from households, but Germany Brilliant products have also been used for several hotels in Indonesia. The following hotels that provide satisfaction for guests with Germany Brilliant products, such as:

  1. Pullman Jakarta Hotel

    This 5-star hotel was intentionally built near a shopping center. Pullman hotel is the right choice as a place to rest amid the hustle and bustle of the city. By carrying out the concept of raw industrial art interior design, the hotel is able to make anyone at home. The thing that makes it different from other hotels, this hotel has disabled bathroom facilities.

    In addition, the bathroom concept presented is unique because it is transparent. The size of the bathroom is spacious enough to make the equipment feel clean and toiletries look luxurious. There are two washbasins, a towel rack, rainfall showerheads, and a toilet seat plus a bidet which is the bathroom equipment. Really the sensation of the bathroom feels private.

  2. Sheraton Hotels

    Still, in the 5-star hotel category, the bathroom design of the Sheraton hotel is impressive. The bathroom has a marble accent with a shower-shaped showerhead above the head. There is also a flexible hand shower, separate bathtub, and toilet jet spray complete with other toiletries. Such conditions provide a refreshing experience.

    The hotel which is already well known internationally also has several branches in Indonesia such as in Jakarta, Lampung, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Lombok, and Makassar. No wonder if the Sheraton Hotel is called a dream hotel for guests. This is because the facilities offered are all very charming.

  3. Novotel Hotels

    This 4-star hotel with a modern concept offers guests comfort. Novotel hotels are designed to meet all your stay needs like at home. The hotel has branches in Bogor, Jakarta, Tangerang, Lampung, and several other cities.

    The Novotel hotel has a transparent bathroom concept because the walls are made of glass. This concept makes the bathroom directly adjacent to the bedroom. In the bathroom, glass is also given a curtain for guests who still want to maintain privacy. The atmosphere of the bathroom feels calm and suitable for relaxation.

  4. Aston Hotels

    This 3-star hotel is suitable for guests who want to unwind when the routine feels tight. By prioritizing the prestige side, the location of the hotel is close to recreation areas. Call it Aston Hotels located in Medan, Balikpapan, Jakarta, Jogja, Madiun, and Manado.

    The interior design of each hotel floor is so imaginative because this Aston hotel transforms a minimalist business hotel with an elegant style that offers subtle colors and conforms to service standards. The bathroom concept carries a modern hygienic style with a simple bathroom and glass door. Bathroom maintenance is carried out periodically starting from the toilet seat, sink, shower with a choice of water, and urinal.

  5. Holiday Inn Hotel

    With a modern minimalist concept, Holiday Inn hotels offer unusual ambiance. The comfort of the bed will make guests relax and seem to recharge. This hotel is a great choice for a vacation with family.

    The bathroom area is quite spacious and complete with a bathtub and rain shower. The power of the shower makes the shower more exciting. Holiday Inn hotels also carry the spirit of going green by not using plastic packaging and choosing paper as toiletries packaging. Like this !!

  6. Ibis Hotel

    If anyone asks for a cheap overnight, but give satisfaction. Hotel Ibis replied. This hotel is suitable for urbanites who intend to save money or a low budget.

    The interior design of the hotel seems playful or pleasing. The comfort factor and location of the hotel can be superior. Despite minimal facilities, the Ibis hotel still chooses quality building materials.

    This can be seen from the futuristic bathroom design. Placement between the sink, shower box, and toilet sit separately because of a lack of space in the bedroom. The shower box is placed near the sink, right next to the bed. The shower area is only separated by a glass wall whose height is not full-height. In addition, not all parts of the glass wall are opaque. While the toilet seat is placed next to the entrance of the room. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the Ibis Hotel room still feels fragrant.

There are still many other hotels that use products from Shining Germany. The comfort of each hotel is able to bring a variety of fun facilities that pamper guests. Cleanliness and comfort throughout the hotel will be a special attraction.

This commitment is in accordance with Germany Brilliant which always puts fashion and function in every product. Use your hotel bathroom with Shining German bathroom products and make all guests come back and feel at home while in an exclusive hotel.


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