How to Install a Smart Closet in the Bathroom

13 February 2022

Smart Closet is a smart closet that has several superior features compared to conventional toilets. In addition to being more practical, smart closets also provide a more user-friendly and comfortable experience. No wonder some modern homes are now using smart closets for sanitation.

Because it has been produced in its entirety in one unit, the smart closet can be installed directly at home, even without the need for the help of a handyman. What needs to be prepared are some work tools such as wrenches, silent glue and others.

If you are interested in replacing a manual closet at home with a smart closet, just follow these steps to make it easier to install a smart closet in the bathroom. To make it easier to understand, we provide tips for installing the Smart Closet GBC IS007 from Germany Brilliant.

1. Since you will be installing a smart toilet that requires electrical power for its use, be sure to install a 220 watt socket or socket near the toilet. To be more secure, make the socket directly behind the toilet.

2. In addition to the socket holes, of course we need a faucet stop to distribute water into the toilet. The faucet stop can be next to the bottom of the toilet.

3. Make a drain hole at the bottom. Make sure the distance of the hole is about 30 cm from the wall to the axis of the hole.

4. Insert the rubber gasket into the hole. Make sure the gasket is installed tightly to prevent seepage or leakage.

5. Insert the Smart Closet GB IS007 into the hole. Make sure it fits snugly in the hole and doesn't tilt. Use a water pass to ensure that the toilet is flush with the floor.

6. Attach the toilet flexible hose to the faucet stop. Tighten using a wrench so it doesn't come off easily and doesn't leak.

7. Plug the power cord into the socket. Press the button to turn on the toilet and make sure the smart closet is functioning perfectly.

8. Finally, apply glue glue to the bottom of the toilet body. Silence serves to glue the toilet with the floor and also to prevent leakage from below.

That's how to install a smart closet in the bathroom. If you want to replace the manual closet at home with a smart one, GBC IS007 can be one of the recommended choices. Besides being easy to use, the price is also quite competitive with competitors.

So what are you waiting for, immediately replace your closet with a smart closet from GB. Hope it is useful.

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