Make a Sophisticated Bathroom Minimal 'Push-Push', Here's How

11 March 2023

Technological sophistication also has a big impact on the use of sanitary devices in the bathroom. Cleaning things that seem taboo and dirty can be done more easily, sophisticatedly, modernly, and most importantly hygienically, especially for toilets or closets.

Home closets that are currently in use are generally in squat and sitting models. By embedding high-tech features for sitting closets, this device has several advantages that make urinating (BAK) and defecating (BAB) more enjoyable.

Germany Brilliant (GB) sanitary ware, for example, presents a sophisticated wardrobe product called Smart Closet. This product is presented with various features and sensors that can also be operated using a remote to make it easier for residents to use, as shown on

“The smart closet that we offer has sensors so that if someone wants to use it, the seat cover will automatically open. Other features include a heater where the temperature can be adjusted according to taste, there is a dryer, and when it's finished it will automatically flush after that the seat cover will also close itself. For more details, see IG @gbsanitary1," said Sheilla, SPV GB Sanitaryware.

There are two GB Smart Closet models offered and both are designed to have an elegant appearance so that they will support the appearance of the entire bathroom interior. This SNI-certified product can withstand weights of up to 400 kg and is given a two-year guarantee for the sensor mechanism and 10 years for the bowl or closet product, including a warranty against hairline cracks.

This product is available in white-white and white-blue with black combination. Of course, this product requires electric power, especially the socket on the right and is connected to a tap that is integrated with a sensor. Don't worry when the power goes out, this product can still be used manually. Other information can be via WA 08121788899.

Of course this product is segmented to target the high end. On the other hand, the development of this product is also in line with lifestyle, especially those that promote convenience, effectiveness and hygiene. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this product was increasingly in demand and became a new trend used in celebrity homes and hotels.

"This product can also be matched with other sanitary products, especially the color series that we have. This Smart Closet certainly provides experience and comfort compared to conventional products and fits into the smart home system concept that is currently being implemented in many modern homes," added Sheilla.

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