Minimalist Bathroom Concept

31 January 2020

The size of a small bathroom sometimes feels boring. Comfort begins to interfere and we must get a new concept for a minimalist bathroom. Either by changing the floor or new bathroom equipment. The following bathroom concept can be applied so that positive energy always radiates in a minimalist bathroom.

  • Creative with lights and colors

Minimalist bathroom lighting can be helped by utilizing natural light from the window. Install curtains or blinds with bright colors and made of thick enough so that the thin natural light can enter the bathroom.
If you still want to use lighting from the lamp, then choose a small yellowish chandelier. This type of lamp will add an elegant effect because it does not require a lot of space.
Color selection can also be applied by painting the room. Choose a paint color that is not too different from the bathroom floor. This is done so that the atmosphere of the bathroom is more contrasting.

  • Maximize the room

The minimalist bathroom does not mean you can not look nice. All returned to our point of view to think again and consider the concept and functionality of bathroom fixtures. For example, we can replace the bathtub with a shower or shower.
Minimalist bathrooms can also use functional shelves that can be mounted on walls. Make sure the rack can hold towels, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, and shaving or grooming equipment. Also, use Germany Brilliant bathroom accessories that are able to decorate an empty corner of the bathroom.
Don't use too many unnecessary tools in the bathroom. Remove all equipment that feels disturbing, such as hairdryers and used makeup tools or toiletries. Instead of leaving all the equipment in the bathroom, choose a bathroom cabinet that is multifunctional because it is equipped with mirrors, water taps, sinks, and drawers that are integrated with each other.

  • Tidy up messy objects

After the layout is set, the minimalist bathroom does not require large posters or many hangers mounted on the wall. Objects such as buckets or tanks do not need to be placed on the floor. Likewise, a pile of dirty clothes baskets. Decorate the bathroom without objects that are not useful so that it does not interfere with activities during bathing.

  • Clean the toilet regularly

Bathroom cleanliness standards are relative. Make sure every user has finished using the bathroom to maintain cleanliness so that the bathroom feels fresh and fragrant. Avoid bad bathroom odors, slippery bathroom floors, dirty toilet cubicles, poor ventilation, to inadequate bathroom facilities.
Taste and needs for comfort that varies. Minimalism does not necessarily make our mindsets more narrow. Determine the concept of a minimalist bathroom from the beginning and get the desired outcome.


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