These are the things you need to know about the open bathroom concept

29 September 2022

Open bathroom concept. That's the minimalist building architecture that is currently quite widespread and loved by a number of people. Especially those who come from the middle up. Of course, a bathroom with such a concept can reduce expenses. Both spending on handyman services to spending on physical elements to insulate the bathroom and bedroom.

Architect Raul Renanda revealed that the concept of such a bathroom has been widely applied in apartment buildings and also the hotel industry that carries a minimalist concept. So what is the open bathroom like? Check out Raul's explanation below, yes!

The first thing to note is that an open bathroom doesn't mean everything is open. Only the shower and sink are left open. Meanwhile, the toilet for defecation remains closed or separated from the main bathroom.

“So the only thing that is closed is the toilet, namely the WC area. The bathroom is left open. This means that the shower and sink are left open,” said Raul.

There are several things that must be considered when you want to build an open bathroom concept. Among them, make sure the house or apartment that will be built with an open bathroom is not inhabited by a large family. The open bathroom is most recommended for newly married couples or those who do not have children. "This is suitable for individual studio apartments, for couples who do not have children," said Raul.

Why is it not recommended for couples who already have children? "Because if you bathe naked and there are small children (in the house) of course they (who bathe in the open bathroom, ed) will feel uncomfortable," he explained.

Regarding the cost of manufacture, open bathrooms tend not to spend a lot of budget. Because, the bathroom that blends with the bedroom does not need to incur additional costs for shopping for insulating elements.

As for air circulation, Raul suggested using a single exhaust channel. Then for the bathroom walls, it is recommended to use materials that have the same feel as the bedroom walls. It can accentuate the impression of a wider room.

"For the problem of the bathroom, which usually uses a muddy floor, it can now be overcome by making it dry," he added.

After knowing about the concept of an open bathroom, now GB friends certainly don't need to come to a type A hotel or apartment. GB friends can implement this concept in their respective residences by paying attention to the things above. Interested in the concept, please try, yes!

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