31 August 2023

Organizing and choosing home equipment does need to be careful and thorough. Moreover, if you live under the same roof with elderly parents.

Generally, homes occupied by the elderly have easier access to features or facilities. Of course, these facilities can support their daily activities.

It needs to be understood, the elderly can be categorized as users with special needs because of their various limitations. For example, decreased body function, health, and five senses. This certainly affects the pattern of movement, range, and activities carried out every day.

Then, what needs to be considered when arranging a house for the elderly?

1. Room layout

It's a good idea to place your parents' bedroom in an easily accessible area. Don't put them on the top floor because it will be more difficult to keep them. Then, if possible, make a room with a window or good air circulation. This will make the atmosphere of the room fresher and healthier.

2. Reduce the use of lights

Maximizing natural light for a healthier atmosphere. Avoid using lights with multiple colors. The reason is, these colors will cause shaded areas that can make it difficult for the elderly to see. Choose a light that is comfortable on the eyes and in the room.

3. Choice of furniture

Choose furniture that is easy for the elderly to reach. That way, it will be easier for them to do something. For example on a sofa or chair. It is better to use a sofa whose seat is not too hard, but not too soft either because it can cause back pain in the elderly. Also avoid using furniture that has sharp parts. If it's already done, cover the sharp edges with special protectors, for example, on the edges of the table.

4. Access in and out of the house

Access in and out of the house should also be noted. In high-rise houses, for example, it is necessary to add a handle or handrail to make it easier for them to go up and down the stairs. When using a wheelchair, a special wheelchair lane must be prepared.

5. Appropriate bathroom equipment

The last tip that is no less important is choosing the right bathroom equipment. Elderly people need special assistance when in the bathroom, one of which is because the floor is slippery. If possible, you should replace the bathroom floor with a matte floor because the surface tends to be rough. Also avoid using mats in the bathroom because there is a risk of folding and tripping the elderly.

Apart from that, you also need to add a handrail next to the toilet. This can help the elderly to get back on their feet from the toilet. Also add a portable chair near the tub or shower so you can use it while bathing.

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Written by: Nathasya Elvira

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