Our Features

The bathroom is a part that can not be separated from building houses, hotels, and other office buildings. Therefore, the bathroom should give a comfortable impression in each building, as well as highlight the optimal function of each product.

Germany Brilliant provides solutions to innovative problems for your bathroom needs. Our product excellence lies in its elegant design, modern and minimalist, and has other functions on its products

Faucet (Tap Basin)

Faucet Brilliant Germany have the advantage of using 2 (two) functions of usage, that is with Automatic and Manual. The system contained in these Faucets can be used with the Electrical System and Battery System, thereby providing solutions in the event of constraints such as power outages and other

Floor Drain

Floor Drain Germany Briliant is the solution of the problems in the bathroom in general. Problems that occur is the presence of unpleasant odors and insects that enter from the drain hole. Floor Drain Germany Brilliant answers the problem, where the GB drainage filter uses Smart Drain technology and magnetism, where Floor Drain valves will not open when there is no water flow down and filter out from dirt and hair.