How to make a bathroom & choose the fixtures?

09 September 2022

The most important factor to support a home to be comfortable to live in is to have an ideal bathroom. Friends of GB certainly agree with that, right? Whatever the model of the house, the bathroom must really be designed as comfortable as possible so that the occupants of the house are always happy.

Not only that, having a healthy bathroom can also be an indicator that GB's friends are clean and well-maintained individuals. Regarding this, GB's friends will also agree, right?

The question now is, what does an ideal bathroom look like and is said to be healthy? Does it have to be equipped with a luxurious shower and bath set? Do the walls have to be covered with expensive granite tiles? Luxury bathrooms may become the standard for some people who can afford it. But, what about people who can't afford it?

Marketing Germany Brilliant Sanitaryware Sheila will share knowledge about the ideal bathroom without relying on the issue of being able or unable. Here's the review:

  1. Know Your Needs
    Before making a bathroom, GB friends must first know the desired needs. Because, this concerns the bathroom supporting equipment. Generally, a bathroom needs a drain for the toilet, water faucet and floor drain. These three are very important, so they should not be ignored.
    If these three components are already in the bathroom, you can add a number of other accessories. Like a tissue holder, a soap holder to a mirror. But it must be remembered, the addition must be adjusted to the needs, yes.
  2. Know the Bathroom Size
    Although the size is not a guarantee that the bathroom is said to be ideal or not. However, indirectly, a spacious bathroom can provide comfort than a narrow bathroom.
    In general, the ideal bathroom size depends on the model and size of the house. If Brilli's friend lives in a big and luxurious house, of course the size of a small bathroom will feel very contrasting.
    Vice versa. If the house you live in is minimalist in size, a spacious bathroom will definitely take up a lot of space, so it will give the impression that it doesn't fit. For a house model like this, the most standard size is generally 1.75 x 2 meters.
  3. Know Bathroom Design
    Just like any other room in the house, the bathroom design must be carefully thought out. It can't be random. If a GB friend lives in a minimalist house, the bathroom design should be made as minimal as possible. But still functional.
    Meanwhile, if you want the bathroom to look luxurious, GB friends need to use marble or granite tiles for the floors and walls. Also need to add a mirror to support the elegant impression of the bathroom.

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