How to Use the Right Sitting Toilet

25 April 2020

After you understand the tips on choosing a toilet seat. It's good, you also know and practice how to use effective toilet seats. This is done because there are still many people who squat when using the toilet seat.

In general, the toilet seat was chosen because it saves more water. Each seated toilet is usually equipped with a cover (seat cover), toilet bowls, and water storage tanks. Some modern sit-down toilets are also equipped with a jet washer.

The toilet seat is more beneficial for children and the elderly who may often feel tired if they have to squat when defecating. If indeed you are hesitant to sit on the toilet, you can use the shower stool as a platform under your feet. That way the process of defecating will be calmer.

  1. Know the function of the buttons on the toilet seat
    In general, each toilet seat has two flush buttons located above and next to the water tank. The function of the two buttons is the same, which is removing water into the toilet. But, avoid pressing both buttons together so that the water doesn't come out too much so you can waste it.

    If your toilet seat only has one button on the tank, usually the button has a different size. Small flush button to flush the toilet when you urinate so that it only drains about 3 liters of water. The large flush button used to flush the stool because more water will reach up to 6 liters at a time.

    In addition, some smart toilets that are present in urban areas are also equipped with other buttons. For example, a button to close and open the toilet seat cover, a button to regulate water temperature, and a button to condition the rate of water pressure. The buttons can be moved with the touch of a hand or use a remote. Be wise in pressing the button as needed.

  2. Do not squat in the toilet seat
    The habit of squatting during defecation is often done by several people. If you find a toilet seat, do not ever squat on it. That behavior is not justified because the footwear you use can pollute the toilet seat. It also has the potential for your feet to slip when the toilet surface is slippery and not flat. So, it is prohibited to squat in the toilet seat to be safer.

  3. Use the toilet bidet to rinse
    After defecating or defecating, many people wash vital organs to be clean. If your toilet seat is not equipped with a jet washer, use the bidet to rinse. Bidet is a spray that is located in the toilet and is usually just below the anus.

The bidet will usually release water when you press the button on the toilet water tank. Make sure you sit right on the bidet so you can get sprayed with water that comes out. If there is no bidet available, you can use the dry tissue that is usually available in your bathroom.

So that it is wise to use the toilet seat, use the German Brilliant toilet seat which has a proper water flushing mechanical system. The water flushing system in the toilet seat adopts a wash-down system. In addition, the toilet seat is equipped with technological innovation through sensors. You can open or close the toilet seat cover automatically.

The best quality and durability of a durable seated toilet provides a comfortable experience when using the toilet seat safely. If you are able to practice the proper way to use the toilet seat, then hygiene and health can be better maintained.


Writer : AH

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