Beautiful Bathroom Magic Ideas Using All-Black Materials

18 March 2023

Currently, every room in the house can be used as a showcase, not only for the convenience of residents, but also for guests and relatives who hang out in our homes. The kitchen, for example, is no longer an area for preparing food but also a fun spot to mingle at home while preparing various snacks together.

For this reason, it is very important to pay attention to every detail, including the layout of the room, the use of colors, the choice of furniture, to small knick-knacks that are just accessories. Likewise for the bathroom space which no longer emphasizes the functional side but also the design to the various devices used.

The development of architecture and design also influences the bathroom space and one of them is by applying the nuances of the black series. The series of products used start from shower sets, sinks, faucets, soap holders, clothes hangers, shelves, and others, all of which are black or black colored to present the same tone in the bathroom space. One of them is presented by the Germany Brilliant (GB) Sanitaryware brand.

“Black has a strong character. So like the current trend of white cars to display good color contrast, bathrooms with black series make the bathroom space more characterful between the floor-wall tiles and all-black bathroom accessories and accessories. The final concept is presenting fashion meets function in the home bathroom," said Sheilla, SPV GB Sanitaryware.

Currently, there are many sanitary products that can be customized, starting from shower sets, hand showers, jet showers, faucets, to various accessories. For GB Sanitaryware products, the products can be purchased separately so that they can be modified to display the concept of bathroom space and various devices according to taste and needs. For more details, please visit

The black series bathroom is the last theme which is currently quite widely used, especially among celebrity homes. To create a contemporary bathroom like this, black series devices can be used, ranging from shower sets to small products such as floor drains. It doesn't have to be all black, you can also use a few products or small parts to make the bathroom look more eye-catching.

This black series theme can also be applied to dry bathrooms or powder rooms which only provide a closet and sink (non-shower). The powder room has also become an important room during the Covid-19 pandemic because it is a transitional space for cleaning and making sure we are clean and germ-free before entering the house. Other concepts can be seen on IG @gbsanitary1.

For the treatment of black series products, there is a special polish to remove traces of water and mold after some time. With this special polish, our black series bathroom devices will shine again. However, if cared for every day, such as wiping dry after use, there will be no traces of water on the surface of the material and the shelf life of this product can be long term. Other information can contact WA 08121788899.

“This black series product also adapts to the trend of touchless bathrooms, all of which use sensors. This concept is increasingly being used when we live several years with a pandemic, so everything is sensory and contactless. The pandemic has taught us to live more hygienically. On the other hand, design trends for bathrooms also continue to experience development, one of which is with black series products like this," concluded Sheilla.

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