Careful Before Buying, Here Are Tips For Choosing The Right Bidet

24 May 2021

Many people are starting to choose to use a sitting toilet instead of a squat toilet. One of the factors that make it a lot of choice is comfort, especially for the elderly who can no longer squat.

When using a squat toilet, it is not uncommon to cause tingling in the legs when defecating. Therefore, the toilet seat is the best choice for a toilet or bathroom at home, the price is also not too expensive.

However, before choosing and buying a toilet seat, there are several things to consider starting from the brand, type, watering and exhaust system, and so on.

This time Germany Brilliant will explain tips on choosing the right toilet seat, see the complete guide.

  1. Adjust the shape and size of the toilet with the bathroom

There are many designs, shapes, and sizes of toilet seats on the market. The shape of the toilet seat that is round or elongated can be an option for those of you who have a minimalist bathroom. In addition, you also need to check the size of the closet such as the distance from the closet to the wall.

If the bathroom space you have is large enough, consider using a toilet that has a prettier aesthetic.

  1. Pay attention to the type of toilet

Before buying a toilet seat, it is important to know the types of bidets on the market, including:

  • Toilet without water tank. The price is more affordable, but the exhaust system is still manual or using a scoop.
  • Monoblock/one piece toilet. Has a simpler design, stronger and minimal leakage.
  • Duo block toilet. It is lighter in weight and easier to move.
  • Hanging toilet. It has a simpler, more modern and more luxurious design because it is designed like embedded in the wall.
  1. Check the watering system

There are different toilet flushing systems, some use a dipper, single flush or dual flush.

Single flush usually only has one button or lever pull, then the water will flush the dirt. While the dual flush is generally more water efficient in watering, because the flushing system has been set. As an alternative, you can add a jet washer next to the toilet.

  1. Check the exhaust system

In addition to the watering system, another thing to consider is the exhaust system from the toilet seat. This is related to the installation of a drain pipe that may often be overlooked when choosing a toilet seat, but it never hurts for you to understand it.

Wash down is a system that allows the toilet to push the dirt by flushing water and the dirt disappears immediately. While siphonic, allows the toilet to work two actions, namely pulling dirt and pushing it with water from the tank.

In short, in the siphonic system, the dirt will rotate before being pulled in, while the wash down will immediately pull the dirt in.

  1. Pay attention to additional features

Various technological innovations in the toilet have been very developed, there is even a toilet seat with advanced and modern features. The existence of additional features will make it easier for you when using the toilet.

For example, toilet seats with automatic sensors, automatic dryers and deodorizers, and temperature settings. However, to buy the toilet, you need to pay attention to the budget you have, whether it is suitable or not.

Wow, it turns out that there are so many things to consider before buying a toilet seat. Research before buying is very important so as not to be mistaken in the future.

If you are confused about choosing the right and right toilet, Germany Brilliant has a wide selection of toilets from monoblock to smart closets. Don't make the wrong choice, it must be GB!




Written: DN

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