Check out Brilli's Tips, How to Choose a Bathroom Closet!

07 September 2022

There are countless toilet products on the building materials market today. Starting from the squat toilet model to sitting. The price also varies, depending on the brand and the features found in each toilet. The more sophisticated the features and the cooler it looks, the more expensive the price.

Many people choose the toilet seat because its use is more comfortable than using the squat toilet model which often makes legs tingle. In addition, many people also choose the toilet seat for aesthetic reasons because it can make the bathroom seem much more modern.

Because its function is so important, before buying a toilet, Brilli has tips for brilliant GB friends. These tips can help you get the best toilet product. What are the tips? Listen, yes!

  1. Checking the Watering System

For your information, the toilet flushing system is different. Some use a dipper, single flush and dual flush. Single flush usually only has one button or pull the lever, then the water will flush the dirt. While dual flush, generally more water efficient because the watering system has been set.

Well, now GB friends just choose which toilet is the most suitable for your needs. Brilli's advice, choose a toilet that uses a single flush and dual flush watering system. Because the use of water can be controlled so that it can save the earth from the water crisis through the water saving movement.

  1. Adjust the Shape and Size of the Bathroom

Currently, there are many toilet designs on the market. Some of them are round, oval, to minimalist. The vibrant design variations really help GB friends in determining the toilet that fits the bathroom model.

Well, for GB friends whose bathroom is quite spacious, it seems appropriate to use an oval or elongated toilet. On the other hand, if the bathroom area is limited, then it is more suitable to use a minimalist toilet that does not take up much space.

  1. Pay Attention to Additional Features

Advances in technology have penetrated the world of sanitation in recent times. The toilet is no exception. This development makes the toilet more modern and sophisticated. For some people, the technology inherent in a toilet becomes prestige.

There are various technologies. Automatic sensors, for one. There is also a toilet equipped with a seat cover temperature control feature. In fact, currently there is a toilet equipped with an automatic fragrance feature. All of these technologies are very suitable for people who crave comfort while on the toilet.

Brilli's advice, prepare an additional budget for toilet shopping with these advanced features. Because, the price is indeed more expensive than toilets in general.

  1. See the Exhaust System

In addition, before buying a toilet, GB friends must also see how the exhaust system is. This is related to the installation of the drain pipe from the toilet. This is an important step, but is often overlooked when choosing a toilet.

For your information, the toilet has several exhaust systems. First is the wash down. This system allows the toilet to push the dirt away by sprinkling water, and the dirt disappears instantly.

In addition there is a siphonic system. This system allows the toilet to work two actions. Namely pulling dirt and pushing it with water from the tank. In this system, the dirt will spin first before being pulled in. In contrast to the wash down which directly draws dirt in.

  1. Guaranteed

Before buying a toilet, GB friends must ensure that the toilet purchased is a guaranteed product. In addition to a guarantee, the guarantee will make it easy for GB friends to claim damage that can occur at any time. Not only that, with a guarantee from the store, it will also make it easier for GB friends to buy spare parts from the toilet. And no less important, make sure that the toilet you buy has met the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

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