Don't have a kitchen set, here's how to organize the kitchen

10 May 2021

Kitchen set is one of the household furniture whose function is very important. In addition to storing cooking utensils and cutlery, various kinds of kitchen spices and practical food ingredients can be stored in the kitchen set.

Unfortunately, not all homes have a kitchen set. Costs and limited space make plans to build a dream kitchen with a kitchen set in it must be canceled. As we know, the price of a kitchen set is not cheap. In addition, the limited kitchen space also makes it impossible to install a kitchen set.

However, even without a kitchen set, we can still arrange the kitchen to make it look neat. Here is how to organize a kitchen at home even without a kitchen set.

  1. Use wall shelves
    Without a kitchen set, we can use the walls in the kitchen room to install long and vertical wall shelves. This trick can be used if the size of the kitchen is not so wide. In addition, wall shelves are also relatively cheaper. You can choose to use shelves made of wood or plastic.

    Wall shelves can be used to store kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, spoons and others. You can also store food ingredients ranging from sugar, salt, soy sauce, coffee, tea and so on. Arrange it in such a way that it doesn't look messy.

    In addition, you can keep frequently used and easily retrieved tools within close reach of your hand. For example, spices are placed near the stove to facilitate the cooking process.
  2. Install the hanging shelf
    In addition to long and vertical shelves, you can also use kitchen walls by installing hanging shelves. This method can be applied if the size of the kitchen is very limited, for example, only enough to put a stove.

    Hanging racks are very functional accessories because they can be used to hang cooking utensils such as pans or small pots. You can also use a vertical shelf with a hanging shelf at the bottom so you can arrange spices, glasses and plates on it. Very practical, right?
  3. Store in the closet
    If you are uncomfortable with the many kitchen utensils hanging on the wall, just store them in the cabinet. Often also called kitchen cabinets, you can get these cabinets in the market with various prices, sizes and materials.

    Usually in the kitchen cupboards there are stacking shelves for bowls, plates and glasses. You can also store kitchen utensils to groceries in the cupboard. Arrange neatly so that the kitchen utensils are not messy. This method is somewhat simpler if the kitchen does not have a kitchen set.
  4. Have a multi-purpose drawer
    One alternative if you don't have a kitchen set and lack space to store kitchen items is to have multipurpose drawers. You can store various equipment in the drawer so that it is not scattered.

    If the drawer consists of 2-3 stacks, you can use the top drawer to store cooking spices, coffee and tea in the drawer. For condiments such as sugar, salt, broth and so on, it is best to store them in a small container before placing them in a drawer.

That's how to organize a kitchen without a kitchen set. Even though space and costs are limited, you can still have a neat and eye-catching kitchen.

Don't forget, even though you don't have a kitchen set, at least the kitchen must have a kitchen sink. For example, the kitchen sink from Germany Brilliant is available in various sizes that can be adapted to your kitchen.

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Written: DN

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