Tricks for Insect Free Kitchen and Bathroom

28 November 2019

Living creatures included in the insect group do look small. It's just that fauna from the invertebrate class can be a threat, especially when the population begins to be found in the kitchen or bathroom of our home. Flies can appear on kitchen sinks, bathtubs, even showers.

These insects can breed and are trapped in wet waterways. Really scary and can interfere with cleanliness in the pipe. Moreover, many types of insects such as ants, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, retreats, and many more. Some mice also sometimes appear without being invited and successfully clog the existing waterways.

In order to maintain a healthy kitchen and bathroom hygiene a trick is needed so that these insects cannot survive in places in our homes. Here are the ways we can try:

  • Identify the problem

Check all water channels in the house both inside and outside the house, especially the drainage (waste). If insects are found to be inhibiting, then do not let the water pipes clog too long.

  • Dry the channel area

If you have found an insect that is the cause of the problem. Don't let them multiply or rot inside. Take steps immediately to get rid of it. At a minimum, try to make the drains dry first.

  • Take the remaining insects

To take insects, we can use a cleaning stick, a long wire or suction device. Some insects that are still alive can also be sprayed with a liquid that can kill germs. A mixture of salt and vinegar solution can also help smooth the blocked ducts.

Germany Brilliant floor drain is made of durable brass. The design is closed at the top (magnetic valve) so that free water comes out of the sidelines provided. The shape also has a variety ranging from rectangles, squares, and ovals. As for the type of floor drain products GBS 600SS, GBS 06, and GBS 08.

With designs that pay attention to precision or proportional size, it is certain that insects and odors are difficult to penetrate inside. There is a technology system that functions automatically so that we can open and close the exhaust channel more flexibly. So, the installation can be done easily.

Now, blocked or clogged ducts are no longer a problem at home. We can have anti-rust floor drain products easily. The bathroom can be a room that makes us more comfortable. Bye, insect!






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