Beautiful and Fresh, These Are Plants That Are Suitable For Bathrooms

30 April 2021

The trend of ornamental plants is currently being loved by many people. Beautifying the house with ornamental plants has become a lifestyle. Not only the yard, terrace or living room, ornamental plants can also decorate other rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Despite its small size, the bathroom also requires special treatment. In addition to aesthetics, doing special care in the bathroom is also important to maintain cleanliness and health in the room.

One of the easiest ways is to present ornamental plants that are placed in the bathroom. Ornamental plants will give your bathroom a fresh and soothing effect.

What are the benefits of ornamental plants?

1. Eliminate unpleasant odors

Plants will release oxygen in the morning to evening as a form of photosynthesis. The presence of additional oxygen levels in the room will help eliminate unpleasant odors that stick to the bathroom.

2. Keep the bathroom moist

Oxygen originating and scattered from ornamental plants also functions as a humidity regulator. These substances can affect the temperature of the air to keep it dry and fresh to inhale.

3. Improve mood

Ornamental plants can filter the air in the bathroom. The air that is sucked into the body will help improve mood and increase the creativity of the inhabitants of the house.

Already know the benefits of ornamental plants, let's find out what types of plants are suitable for your bathroom.

  • Aloe vera
    Referred to as a perennial plant, aloe vera is great for your bathroom. Not only for beauty, but aloe vera also has many benefits. The gel can be used for hair and skincare.
  • Bamboo
    Small decorative bamboo can be used for ornamental plants in the bathroom. Choose a small decorative bamboo that has been neatly arranged and store it in the corner of the bathtub, bathtub or sink.
  • Betel Ivory
    These vines can live in soil or water. Its adaptable nature makes it perfect for being in the bathroom. Adequate water intake and high humidity levels will certainly make these plants healthier.
  • Orchid
    The orchids that are stored in the corner of the bathtub or sink will make the bathroom like a spa room in a salon so that you will feel at home for a long time there. Place the orchids by the window to get enough sunlight.
  • Fern
    If the bathroom area is limited but you want to bring green ornamental plants, ferns are a great choice. This plant has a hanging leaf structure that looks cute when hung in the corner of the bathroom near the vent.
  • Spider Plant
    The dangling plants that we find decorating many cafes and restaurants are very suitable to complement the bathroom. Spider plants can absorb toxic substances, such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde so that the air we breathe is fresher and healthier.
  • Philodendron
    This plant has a very unique shape where each type has a different leaf shape. Some are heart-shaped, finger-shaped, hollow and others. It is very suitable to be placed in a bathroom with minimal sunlight so that the leaves do not turn yellow quickly and stay fresh.
  • Aglaonema
    Dubbed the “queen of ornamental plants”, Aglaonema is easy to embed in all areas of the house, including the bathroom. Treatment only requires a sufficient moisture content to make the soil moist and loose, so there is no need for regular watering.

Those are the benefits of ornamental plants that make the bathroom look beautiful, fresh and healthy. Don't forget to visit other interesting articles from Germany Brilliant.




Written: DN

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