Ethics and Procedures for Using Smart Closet

04 March 2022

Not only mobile phones, nowadays there are many electronic furniture with "smart" frills and certainly have features and advantages over manual products. One of them is Smart Closet or smart closet.

Compared to ordinary toilets with manual use, such as opening and closing the cover and pressing flush after use, Smart Closet makes it easier for us to minimize the use of hands when used. This is perfect for people who always keep their hands clean, especially during a pandemic like today.

One of the Smart Closets that we recommend is GBC IS007 from Germany Brilliant. This Smart Closet has several advantages, including:

- Certified SNI.

- Guaranteed 10 years.

- Able to withstand loads up to 400 kg.

- Easy to clean.

- The Smart Closet feature is equipped with a remote.

- Replacement damaged warranty.

GBC IS007 also has several powerful features, such as:

1. Smart Sensors. It makes it easier for us when using it because the cover automatically opens when body heat is detected by the sensor from a distance of only 30 cm.

2. Automatic lid and soft closet. The seat and cover are made of softer material so they are comfortable to use.

3. Adjustable Temperature Seat. Toilet seat heater that can be adjusted as needed.

4. Automatic Motorized Smart Bidet. The use of a bidet that can be adjusted to the needs, both water pressure and temperature.

5. Adjustable Temperature Dryer. Dryer that can be used after using the toilet.

6. Jet Flush. Cleaning toilets with more efficient use of water after use for sanitation.

7. High Quality Ceramic Material. The toilet is made of sturdy and quality material.

How to use a Smart Closet is certainly different from a manual closet. There are several things that must be considered in order for this smart toilet to function properly. The method:

- Use the smart sensor with your feet to open the toilet cover and seat, even from a distance of only 30 cm. You can also use the remote to open the cover and the toilet seat. Do not open the cover forcibly using your hands and do not sit back on the toilet cover cover while using it.

- Flush will work automatically after the toilet is used. To clean yourself, you can use a smart bidet that can adjust the water pressure and position. Especially for women, the bidet can also be used to clean yourself after sanitation.

- You can adjust the stand temperature, dryer temperature and water temperature when using this Smart Closet. An easier way, just choose a smart program where the toilet will automatically work starting from flushing, cleaning with a bidet, using a dryer until the cover can close itself after use.

That's the ethics and procedures for using Smart Closet. Hopefully you won't be confused anymore when you want to sanitize and use this smart toilet. Hope it is useful.

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