How to Replace and Install Floor Drain

12 June 2021

The floor drain is a filter in the drain hole in the bathroom which not only functions to filter dirt, but also the remnants of used laundry so that it doesn't clog the drain. But just like bathroom fixtures in general, the floor drain is also prone to damage.

Causes of floor drain damage include:

1. Clogged or clogged due to the large amount of garbage that failed to be sorted and entered the drain hole. Usually due to hair loss that accumulates and causes the floor drain to fail.

2. Broken due to hit by a hard object or because of a rat bite. Generally, this risk occurs in floor drains made of plastic.

3. Rust, making it difficult to filter water and residual dirt from the bathroom. Generally occurs in floor drains made of metal.

A damaged floor drain will cause many problems, such as a smelly bathroom, and clogged drains. Before the damage gets worse, immediately replace it with a new floor drain. You can replace it with a floor drain from Germany Brilliant which has many advantages, including:

- Using a magnetic technology system that functions to close the exhaust channel automatically. The magnetic valve opens when the water flows and closes when the water dries up.

- Smart drain technology on the water drain filter is able to minimize insect and odor problems in the bathroom caused by the sewer pipe.

- Cover containers or floor drain bowls can be filled and varied with cement or ceramics according to the bathroom theme.

After finding a suitable floor drain for your bathroom, immediately replace the old floor drain with a new one. How to replace and install a floor drain is also quite easy. Things to be prepared include:

1. Floor drain or bathroom floor filter from Germany Brilliant

2. Sand and cement to taste

3. Bucket and spoon of cement mortar

4. Chisel and hammer

5. Gloves

Steps to replace and install a floor drain:

- Disassemble the old damaged floor drain using a chisel and hammer, then clean the area where the old floor drain was installed. When disassembling, make sure that no loose material enters the drain hole because it will clog the drain.

- Make a mixture of cement and sand to taste. Glue the mortar around the lip of the drain hole.

- Take the floor drain and insert the bottom into the drain hole, press and flatten it into the cement mortar.

- Cover the edge of the floor drain with cement mortar, trim it. When the cement is half dry, sprinkle dry cement on it, wait for it to dry completely.

- On the floor drain container, coat it with cement and add ceramic pieces the size of the container. It will be more beautiful if the ceramic pieces are of the same color or according to the bathroom theme.

- Put the container on the floor drain that has dried. The floor drain has also been installed and is ready to use.

That's how to replace and install the Germany Brilliant floor drain in the bathroom. With smart drain technology, a fashionable appearance, and an official guarantee, Germany Brilliant floor drain is the right choice.

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Written: DN

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