Sanitary Products from Germany Brilliant that Make Homes More Healthy

14 September 2019

Building a household becomes a big dream for Bloggers Exist who are currently heating up. Many things must be prepared because there will be two sides that meet and stay under one roof forever until death separates.

I am a figure who always thinks long ahead. Not only to have a dream home, but the elements of home furnishings products in it must also be able to meet the needs.

We all would agree if the house is not just a residential building. Houses have functions that can make self-actualization grow. A few days ago, I have written how to arrange a house from the knowledge gained when it comes to property exhibition. This time I was excited to find a reference home appliance product that matches the choice of the heart.

In choosing home furnishings products, I always adjust to the available budget. In addition, the product I choose must have health standards. Who doesn't want to live in a healthy house?

A house that is said to be healthy can be seen from the environmental conditions and the psychological needs of the residents in it. A healthy home does not only function as a shelter. The house can unite a family, enhance the growth and development of the life of each resident, and become part of the healthy lifestyle of the residents in it. It is not me and you will age together until death arrives.

The principle is in line with the data I found from The American Public Health Association. There are a number of guidelines that can be used as guidelines to determine whether or not a house should be shared. After all, one of the goals in domestic life is to achieve happiness for convenience.

The criteria for a healthy home led me to be increasingly concerned about choosing the quality of home furnishings products. Affairs expensive or whether the product, no problem. I'm sure the high price will never lie to the quality guaranteed. The term, there is a way there is a price!

From a variety of home appliance product brands, I'm interested in Germany Brilliant. I just met this brand when attending the "Upgrade Your Home Lifestyle" event on August 1, 2019, at Germany Brilliant Sanitaryware, Harapan Indah, Bekasi. Not only products from this quality brand were introduced, the bloggers who were present also went directly to the showroom to see the products in plain view.

GB Sanitaryware has been around since 2003. The product innovations that are presented naturally change every year. The product focus of this business line is able to meet home fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens. It is certain that consumers who use this product will touch the modern lifestyle that is completely up to date.

I see products produced from Germany Brilliant capable of adjusting to the demands of the times. There are variations in models, sizes, and color choices. This product dares to be different! #GBsanitary

The 7 categories of products from Germany Brilliant that make me want to have it immediately, namely:

Faucet is one of the most important home appliances. As a link to the flow of water, the Faucet will help us when washing. Choose a good quality Faucet, which is a tap that has a neat handle concept. That is, the tap will be comfortable when held.

Faucet products owned by Germany Brilliant are made of brass and stainless steel 304 chrome plated. The brass tap is so preferred because it has durability at extreme temperatures or even in bad conditions. The model also looks luxurious so it has a beauty value to its product design.

Germany Brilliant's best-known product is the sensor tap. This tap can be used when the lights go out. There are two choices for use, namely with a battery or connected electricity. No wonder that the sensor tap is present as a product that prioritizes the latest technology.

This household equipment we usually encounter in the bathroom. A shower is a tool that can be used to spray water. We can choose to want cold or hot water. We can also regulate the strength of the water spray. That is the reason shower is referred to as a multifunctional home appliance product.

The main purpose of using a shower is also seen from a more practical side. I often in the bathroom, when using the shower actually feel faster. The use of water feels more economical compared to if we spend water from the bathtub.

There are 4 types of showers produced by Germany Brilliant, including:

  1. Hand shower, the shower that can be held by hand and can be sprayed to all members of the body as we like.
  2. Wall shower, a shower mounted on the wall and bursts of water directed down.
  3. Railing shower, a shower mounted a complete set with poles to put the shower.
  4. Closet shower, the shower that is used as a tool for a toilet seat sitting.


During this time we may rarely pay attention to the sink or a place to wash vegetables and fruit in the kitchen, known as the foreign kitchen sink. Usually, we only care about kitchen equipment such as shelves, ovens, refrigerators, or stoves.

Even though the kitchen sink and water tap pipes in the kitchen need special attention. Not only concerns the hygienic elements, but also the design of modern products that can add to the beauty of the kitchen set in our home.

The kitchen sink from Germany Brilliant is able to maintain the aesthetic design of the product. In my opinion, the product looks ergonomic because something we are washing can't get stuck with the tap. Hands can also be free to move and the water still radiates according to the desired place. Guaranteed this product will be free from rust.

In choosing toilets, we are often divided because there are teams that like squatting toilets and there are also teams that like to sit toilets. Honestly, I belong to people who like the toilet seat. When viewed from the optimization of its functions, of course, the toilet is actually the same.

The toilet product produced by Germany Brilliant was chosen for the type of toilet seat. This toilet has been certified by SNI (Indonesian National Standard) from the Ministry of Industry because there are various forms that adjust to the size or weight of the load that is held when occupied. Likewise, there are color choices that can adjust the bathroom interior concept. The type of each toilet is distinguished by the flush system used.

In fact, there are types of toilets that are produced by combining elements of technological sophistication. As there are drive sensors when opening and closing the toilet. This toilet is called a smart toilet. What a brilliant idea!

The drain filter for the bathroom often goes unnoticed. To keep the house healthy, Floor Drain is a must-have for meeting proper bathroom standards. Floor Drain products from Germany Brilliant become a solution for floating water or an unpleasant odor from the bathroom floor.

Floor Drain products include superior products that are much in demand by German Brilliant consumers. The advantage of the product is that it has a brilliant glossy coating with long service life. Wow! Products like this usually make customers happy because they are able to free the bathroom from insects or dirt.

In choosing a sink for the house, I was more considering the appearance and design. In addition, I also pay attention to durability because a good sink product can be used for a long time.

I saw a sink product manufactured by Germany Brilliant that was able to offer a diverse and elegant design. The sink we have can look cleaner and shape can inhibit bacterial growth. The components used are certainly of high quality so there is no doubt.

For the sake of making the bathroom atmosphere complete and refreshing. Germany Brilliant also manufactures products that make the bathroom have an extraordinary feel. Other products that are produced are a place to put shampoo, a soap basket (some are automatic or manual), a toothbrush holder, a clothes hanger, a towel handle, a tissue holder, a candle holder, and a box or cosmetic rack.

All of these products can be designed with attention to the use of space. If the products above are placed in the bathroom, it certainly will not make the room become cramped. Thanks to the superiority of the product that has been widely used by these consumers, Germany Brilliant won an award as the BEST SUPPLIER for the Bathroom & Accessories category in 2010-2012 from PT. Global Buildings.

The seven products manufactured by Germany Brilliant above are able to display the concept of fashion and function. Some products are also used by hotels, cottages, resorts, and malls. Every product purchase, consumers will get a warranty of 5 to 25 years. If you want to buy the product directly, please find it in building shops or partners spread all over Indonesia.

It feels I want to have all the products from Germany Brilliant. Home furnishings products offered are able to guarantee that I will have a house with a healthy standard. My house will become a palace that will not only function as a shelter. I want to age together with him until the end of his life arrives.




- Achmad Humaidy -

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